Byrchall Primary Transition Staff

Mr Williams

I am Mr Williams. I am in charge of organising all the primary visits and events that happen at Byrchall. I am also a PE Teacher and love getting involved in sport. My role is to ensure that your transition to high school is a smooth one and that you look forward to joining us here at Byrchall. Parents and students can contact me at with any questions.

Mrs Hudson

Hello. My name is Mrs Hudson. I am one of the Assistant Head teachers in school with responsibility for Inclusion. One of my big jobs is visiting our primary schools before you start and finding out lots of information about you: what you like and are good at and maybe the things that you struggle with a little bit. This means that I can make sure that all the right help and support are there for you before you start with us.

Mrs Stephenson

Hi my name is Mrs Stephenson, and I work in the main office at Byrchall High School. I will be contacting your school at times throughout the year, to invite you to come and visit us for our many events we hold especially for primary school children. We have Twilight Tasters, Open Days, Open Evenings and Curriculum Evenings, all that will give you an insight to the exciting world at Byrchall. I may not see much of you during your visits, as I will be making sure you have a name badge, are in the correct group and arranging for you to travel to Byrchall.

Miss McCoy

I am Miss McCoy. I am Head of Year 7 at Byrchall and my job is to make sure you settle down with us when you start at your new school. I will see you most mornings in your form and in assemblies where we will celebrate the success of all our fabulous achievements in Year 7.

I am also a Science teacher at Byrchall, so you will see me in lessons and around school.

Hope to see you soon at Byrchall.

Mr Paul

My name is Mr Paul and I am the Assistant Headteacher responsible for Teaching and Learning and KS3. I work alongside Mrs Tunnacliffe to ensure you will receive a first class learning experience from the moment you start Byrchall High School. To help you settle in quickly we have already planned a number of transition activities so you can come and sample some of our lessons. Staff have had opportunities to visit your Primary Schools so that they are aware of your current abilities and will ensure you are effectively challenged and supported to achieve your full potential as soon as you arrive at Byrchall. We will help you strive to be the best you can be - our school motto! I look forward to meeting you soon.