Religious Education

Religious Education. It’s more R.Elevant than you think

What is the meaning of life?
Why are we here?
Is there a higher power?

Throughout the millennia of human experience, religion has expressed the deepest questions human beings can ask, and it holds a central place in the lives of all civilisations and cultures.

Religious Studies at Byrchall aims to provide children with both a strong respect for faiths and cultures beyond Christianity and an understanding of the world around us.

Posing challenging questions, we aim to encourage students to reflect their own values and the values of others. In an increasingly material and technological world, that creates barriers between human interaction, we seek to connect young people spiritually, morally and culturally to the world around them.

We seek to engender a righteous sense of respect and tolerance for others, questioning assumptions, challenging casual prejudice and seeking answers to the questions that will confront them as citizens in modern Britain.

In the ever changing 21st Century students need to understand their place in the world, to ponder the interdependence of all species on the planet and be able to decipher the many and varied wonderful cultures on the earth. Fast paced technological change is making the world ever smaller and in the RE Department we seek to equip our learners with the curiosity and resilience to thrive in the modern world.

Religious Education at Byrchall is more about learning from religion rather than merely learning about religion. A strong Christian ethos permeates the department, both in terms of the strong relationships developed between staff and students, but also through engendering an understanding of values such as tolerance, respect and empathy for others.

Religious Education at Byrchall aims to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and allow students a window to the wider world. Students consider issues designed to make them consider their own beliefs and show understanding of others.

  Autumn Spring Summer Overview
Year 7

Key features of Religion

Key Beliefs


Judaism / Ultimate Questions

Christian beliefs

Beliefs / Spirited Arts


Year 8


Eastern religions

Christian Worship


Moral Issues


Year 9

Nature of God

Key beliefs and Jesus Christ and salvation

Nature of God

Jesus Christ and salvation and Christian practices

Christian Beliefs and Practices

Worship and festivals

Role of the church

Christian Beliefs and Practices

Worship and festivals

Role of the church

Religion and relationships

Sex, marriage and divorce

Religion and relationships

Families and gender equality

Year 10

Religion and Life

Origins of the universe

Value of the world

Use and abuse of the environment

Animal rights

Religion and Life

Teaching about the origin of human life

Sanctity of life


Belief in the afterlife

Religion and crime

Types of crime and punishment

Religion and crime

Corporal punishment and the death penalty

Human rights

Importance of human rights

Examples of prejudice

Human rights

Wealth and poverty

Charity work

Year 11

Buddhism beliefs and teachings

Buddhism beliefs and teachings / worship

Buddhism worship

Buddhism worship / bespoke revision

Bespoke revision