Geography - the future of the world within our hands

Geography helps students to make sense of their surroundings and to understand the variety of physical and human conditions found on the earth's surface. Geography prepares students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of their world and to face the challenges that will shape our societies and environments at the local, national and global scales. We strive to ensure geography stimulates an interest and a sense of wonder about places. Personal experiences are used to investigate places from the personal to the global.

  Autumn Spring Summer Overview
Year 7

What is Geography?

Continents and Oceans of the world

Map Reading Skills
A Sustainable world Development and Aid Population and Migration Tourism Weather and Climate PDF
Year 8 Kenya Global Ecosystems Tectonics The Environment - Environment around the school enquiry PDF
Year 9

Living with the physical environment


Living with the physical environment


Living with the physical environment

Ecosystems – Tropical rainforests, hot deserts


Tectonic Hazards - Earthquakes

Living with the physical environment

Tropical storms
Extreme weather in the UK
Climate change
Year 10 Urbanisation and Challenges Climate Change - Global and UK focus Changing economic world Resource Management Fieldwork (Human) PDF
Year 11 Climate Change Fieldwork (Human) The Urban World Fieldwork (Physical) Sustainable Urban Development Development Resource Management Revision and exam technique GCSE Exams- 3 papers PDF

Geography considers the big issues that affect your future.

At Byrchall we enable pupils to attain a sound knowledge of places on a variety of scales. We help them develop a sense of place and an awareness of how human and physical environments differ and change overtime.

The Geography department holds the nationally recognised ‘Secondary Geography Quality Mark ‘award. We continue to be a popular option choice at GCSE and offer a curriculum that considers topical every day issues and events. We offer opportunities for fieldwork which enables pupils to experience geography in their local and wider area.