CASP - Community and Self Progression

Learn to live.

We want CASP to prepare students for life outside of school; for students to be inspired by the issues of the community and world around them, to be increasingly aware and knowledgeable of those issues and to develop a passion to affect those issues. Students will have opportunities to learn about the possibilities for their future, to aspire to higher goals and to understand the pathways to get there. Furthermore students will have opportunities to develop social skills, personal skills and learn how to get the best out of the opportunities that they can create.

  Autumn Spring Summer Overview
Year 7 Belonging to Byrchall: Dreaming Big Dreams Relationships: Making New Friends Citizenship: Democracy Introduction to Politics Health & Wellbeing: Keeping Healthy and Growing Up Careers & Aspirations: Personal Qualities Enterprise, Leadership and Teamwork PDF
Year 8 Citizenship: Democracy Law and Order Careers & Aspirations: Option Choices Safety & Risk Management: Bullying & E-Safety Health & Wellbeing: Body Image Self-esteem and Sexual Health Relationships: Dealing with Conflict PDF
Year 9 Citizenship: Community Tolerance and Respect Careers & Aspirations: Dreams and Aspirations; looking to the future Safety and Risk Management: Real Love rocks Health & Wellbeing: Managing money Relationships: Self-esteem and Self-confidence and sexual development Enterprise, Leadership and Teamwork
Diversity and Enterprise
Year 10 Citizenship: Local, National and Global politics; Careers & Aspirations: Presenting Myself Safety & Risk Management: Drug & Alcohol Safety Health & Wellbeing: Mental Health Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health Radicalisation and Terrorism Enterprise. Leadership and Teamwork PDF
Year 11 UCAS progress registration Careers & Aspirations: Preparation for Working Life Safety & Risk Management: Sexual Health Citizenship: UK and International Law Human rights GCSE Exam revision and intervention including PFWL GCSE Exam revision and intervention; English, Maths and Science PDF

We want all of our students to feel motivated and inspired to excel and aspire in all aspects of their life. We want them to excel at being a model citizen – with all the skills and attributes needed to lead a happy and productive life. We also want them to aspire to greatness in their future careers – taking pride in wanting to better themselves and aim to be the best that they can be.

The aim of the ‘Excel and Aspire’ programme is to ensure we prepare and support students to fulfil their potential, prepare them for lifelong learning and to become successful global 21st Century citizens. The custom curriculum identifies the range of skills, knowledge and understanding that all students need to develop fully over the full five years at Byrchall.

It is not about qualifications; it is about the development of the individual. We need the students to understand that this equally as important as their academic qualifications.

CASP are the Community and Self Progression lessons. These are 1 period per week for all year groups on a rolling timetable basis, delivered by Form Tutors. CASP lessons bring together many aspects of personal development that we deliver under the ‘Excel and Aspire’ programme. We want students to recognise the importance of their personal development. Lessons will be a mixture of project-based learning, interactive lessons, independent study, creative expression and team work. CASP lessons are an opportunity for students to explore our shared values.