Smiling Valley Intermediate School, South Africa

Fifth Visit To Smiling Valley

April 2014


This visit was by Mrs Finch and a student training to be a primary teacher. It is now a firmly established pattern of at least one visit per year to South Africa to work in the school.

This time the focus of the visit was to work with the older pupils on developing skills that will help them in the global workplace. They were producing CVs for future job applications, developing their skills with computer software and improving their language skills.

The younger pupils were developing their reading skills, using stories to find out about other parts of Africa and telling stories from their own culture.

This year we found that the school had more pupils than previously. The school had become very popular because of its international links and the new changes, as a result of the exchange visits and partnership. The class sizes were larger, sometimes 45 pupils, and there were two new classes. This included the pre-reception class.

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