Letter Archive

At Byrchall we endeavour to make sure that we communicate important messages and information in the most effective way possible. Many messages are communicated through our various electronic media, such as this website, text messages, emails and the VLE. However we also still send printed letters - particularly in the case of messages with high importance - to ensure that all bases are covered. However, we acknowledge that it is still possible for letters to get lost along the way, or students may be absent from school when they are given out and so we also provide access to all letters in an electronic archive.

Letters of a more general nature can be found below. Letters aimed at more specific groups of students or of a more sensitive nature may be accessed through our VLE. To access this secure archive, parents need to log in to the VLE using the username and password that has been sent to them (for more information, click here). Once logged in to the VLE, parents will need to click on the name of their child from the menu on the right. From here, clicking the 'Documents' tab will show a list of all available letters and memos that have been sent concerning that child.

If you need further guidance on how to access the secure letter archive for you child, please contact our Head of E-Learning, Mr C. Slater, at cslater@byrchall.wigan.sch.uk.

Letter Archive

Required Software

Get Adobe Reader Get Microsoft Word Viewer Most of our letters will be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format - to read them you will need a copy of Mirosoft Word (or the free document viewer, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website) and Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.