Visits, Trips and Holidays

Educational Visits

Byrchall High School believes that our students should learn in a variety of different environments. This includes taking students on educational visits to places and events that help bring their learning to life. Many departments organise trips, the theme of which will link to a particular area of the school curriculum while at the same time giving students experiences and opportunities that will help them in personal development.

Big Book Quiz 2015   Big Book Quiz 2014   Much Ado About Nothing 2014

Social Trips and Events

In addition to developing our students academically, we take every opportunity to enhance their social skills. Many trips are offered where children can socialise with their own and other year groups.

  Ypres 2015   Ambleside November 2014  


We also believe that school is about providing experiences and adventures that can open students' minds to new horizons and possibilities. Therefore a range of holidays are organised by the school that are available over the five years that students are with us. These include trips within this country, such as the annual Year 7 London holiday, as well as holidays abroad to destinations such as France, Spain and America.

USA Ski Trip 2015   Madrid 2014   Madrid Trip 2013
USA Ski Trip 2013   Romania 2013   Tanzania Trip 2012