Our Vision

We are committed to providing a rich education for every child in our school, maximising each student’s academic achievement through the creation of an exceptional environment where personal abilities and individual talents are fully developed and celebrated.

Our vision is to:

  • nurture an ethos that promotes academic and personal growth
  • ensure high quality teaching and learning with high expectations of individual student performance
  • provide an outstanding curriculum that inspires students to develop academically and personally, whilst equipping them for adult life in the 21st century
  • offer a modern, well-resourced learning environment, within which students feel valued and learn to respect and co-operate with one another.

We pledge to achieve our vision for our students’ education by:

  • treating everyone justly regardless of religious belief, ethnic origin or social background
  • promoting excellence academically, in sport, in the performing arts and in behaviour
  • supporting students to develop their personalities, talents and abilities to the full
  • recognising and respecting the important partnership between home and school.

We are dedicated to enabling our students to achieve academic success, but we also want them to develop enquiring minds, a balanced outlook on life and to be fully confident adults.