The Makerfield Community Trust

Byrchall High School became a Foundation School with charitable trust attached from November 2009. The Trust acquired by the Governing Body is the Makerfield Community Trust and the aims of this Trust are exclusively charitable and include raising standards and helping the school to promote young people’s interests and developments.  The aims also include a commitment to drawing on knowledge of developments and trends in specialist subject areas and helping young people develop a set of moral and ethical values as its founders and benefactors intended.  Finally the Trust will promote skills for economic wellbeing.

The Makerfield Community Trust brings together partners from different areas of expertise.  Becoming an academy will enable Byrchall High School to build up long-term relationships with these partners for the purpose of raising standards and benefitting all students.  The Trust will help the school to ensure that young people are fulfilled academically and socially and make a positive contribution to their local community.

Edge Hill University Edge Hill University, based in Ormskirk, is a dynamic and responsive higher education provider.  The university works with Byrchall High School in Initial Teacher Training and offers a variety of enrichment and enhancement opportunities for our students.
Diocese of Liverpool Abtec Computer Solutions work with the school in developing and supporting the computer network.  They are a small Local company who work with many schools in the Local Authority.  This partnership aligns to the school’s specialist status of Mathematics and Computing and will provide educational and work experience opportunities for students.
ABTEC Anglican Diocese of Liverpool will continue to provide links via St. Thomas’ Church in Ashton in order to promote the school’s broadly Christian ethos.

Makerfield Community Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The company is registered at Companies House (Company № 7061177).

From September 1st 2012 Byrchall High School became an Academy and acquired the Byrchall High School Academy Trust.