Ofsted quote, 2009The vision for the curriculum is that it should fulfil the school's mission statement of "Live to Learn and Learn to Live" and help to prepare students to be successful global 21st Century citizens. It is driven by the needs of the learners. The curriculum covers the entirety of provision in taught time and extra-curricular opportunities.

The aims are to:

  • Improve engagement of students to maximise achieving their potential
  • Provide personalised learning through the curriculum offer and the setting structure
  • Improve Personal Learning and Thinking Skills for students
  • Improve Functional Skills
  • Increase achievement at Key Stage 4
  • Increase the numbers of students achieving level 2 in English and Maths
  • Increase the number of students achieving 5+ qualifications
  • Increase the number of students achieving threshold measures

Our innovative curriculum is organised to allow a course of study that is broad, rich and flexible enough to allow a range of study routes as students progress through the school. We believe it is this variety that both challenges and excites the minds of all our students. The curriculum is personalised to individual needs, shaped to suit particular interests and levels of attainment and enables students to follow their preferred learning pathways, be they through academic or vocational routes. All students are able to enjoy, achieve and succeed in accordance with their individual talents and skills. An overview of the curriculum for each subject is shared within individual subject areas and more detailed curriculum plans are available to parents and students on the school’s VLE.

Designed to be relevant to the 21st Century, our curriculum prepares our students to be successful young adults, equipping them sufficiently to deal with the demands of further education and employment. The school's specialism of Maths and Computing has enabled us to incorporate modern technology with a global dimension across all faculties. Our teaching is creative and constantly evolving and we are able to ensure that there are dedicated and talented teachers, developing students' interests and inspiring them to pursue their own learning objectives and succeed in life.

All students follow a co-ordinated programme for Personal Development; this is called the Excel & Aspire programme. It brings together all the elements of students' social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and ensures all students have the skills to succeed beyond their time at Byrchall. It is delivered in a creative way, incorporating team work and project-based learning, to enhance the previous provision that was deemed to be outstanding for SMSC by Ofsted. Students are given opportunities to develop their skills through one Community & Self Progression (CASP) lesson per week, delivered on a rolling programme, along with the morning registration period (20 minutes each day), assemblies and extra-curricular opportunities.

Years 7 & 8

Years 9, 10 & 11